Await machine and board the plane

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Await machine and board the plane to await the setbacks in engine office to reduce you to be in, we imprint on boarding check what the mouth boards the plane inside Lou Yu distributing diagram, ask you to be searched by the directive board the plane mouth. Board the plane end before time leaves station time for what state on passenger ticket 10 minutes, to do not delay your journey, arrive on time please appoint board the plane the mouth boards the plane.
Passenger of room of baby of the smoking area that awaits the setting inside engine office to have corresponding independence, mother, first-class stateroom cabin, official cabin rests area chooses to use for you.
Aboard needs to contrast seat sign seating, to go to the lavatory you find the place on machine smoothly, ask you to cooperate a staff member to discharge order order to queue up by the seat, make ready boarding check board the plane the staff member checks the mouth.

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