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Department of boat southwest flight achieves the nation satisfactorily golden we

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"51 " during the golden week, country department of flight of boat southwest branch crew overshot the manufacturing height of a busy insecurity, fly in all 1752 orders, its China border and area 186 orders, work overtime belt 119 orders (international charter flight 4 orders) , fly 3436.5 hours, did not produce any factitious reason accident, ensured safety of flight air defence and airliner production are normal and orderly.

During facing the golden week, airliner quantity increases, weather is complex and changeful, aircrew is stationed in outside spot much range is wide, personnel fluidity is great wait for difficulty, flight department prepares adequately, close organization, take effective measures actively, cogent each link in catching good flight safe production, fall each job in real point. Navigational fairs attempers the ministry masters in time work overtime temporarily belt the information of airliner production task, do good flight number to plan to be allocated with personnel, carry message at any time expedite. Each flight group joins this group hold the actual condition of flying type, analyse air route course seriously, arrange airliner plan meticulously, force of reasonable and tie-in unit, wait for a respect from style of safe production, discipline, administration and logistics safeguard, made cogent and effective flight safety precaution, make the constituent government that the airliner produces during the golden week busy and not random, busy in orderly.

All cadre worker is firm establish safe consciousness and the concept of viewing the situation as a whole, unitive cooperation, take the interests of the whole into account, abandon small home to be everybody, during labor day compose paean of laborer of a music.

Attach most importance to with integral interest, cadre set oneself an example to others. Flight department cadre forgoed the opportunity that reunites with family during the festival, stand fast from beginning to end working station, they attend already be on duty, want to attend a flight again, attach most importance to with company profit everywhere, the organization coordinates airliner production, made sure task of golden week flight is finished smoothly. Fly especially because long Yan Dehua of 2 groups group handles a critical work temporarily, before dawn was driven toward flight department hurriedly from inside the home at 1 o'clock, make the problem is able to solve satisfactorily, did not cause passivity to the job.

Attach most importance to with global interest, air man obedience is arranged. During the golden week, within call of broad flight personnel, determined obedience organizes arrangement, body revealed good vocation morality and the spirit that respect property. On May 4, because a plane is in Shenzhen to produce mechanical failure, the company is urgent allocate B757 to execute airliner mission to Shenzhen, flight aircrew of 2 groups Zhang Angui, Sun Cheng receives the job, be without complaint, before dawn flew to Shenzhen at 1 o'clock, till just ended flight mission at 5 o'clock.

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