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Empty alarm mad also -- challenge " annulus tower " off-road vehicle pulling for

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On May 1, 2007, the national degree that 81 steely Inc. hold association of motion of car of federation of Chinese car sports, Xinjiang, Xinjiang jointly " rally of annulus Taklimakan desert " contest opens in Xinjiang. Empty alarm club of off-road vehicle of legend of Xinjiang of delegate of brave of Yao of 5 groups fuzz attends " annulus tower " A set match, take part in the match this got empty alarm of total fleet support energetically, put forward to take part in the match the purpose is " conduct propaganda is empty alarm scene, promote empty alarm spirit, expand empty alarm in the industry famous degree " ; Take part in the match the target is " safety is over contest, strive the place " .

Before the ceremony that send a car, empty alarm 5 groups leader is see sb off of car hand Yao Yong, encourage him to be carried on certainly empty alarm can bear hardships, the undaunted mind that dare make tough fight, assure safety, game goes a style. Brave of car hand Yao also expresses, can be the same as the Ceng Can such as Lu Ning Jun, Zhou Yong to had been added " the Er that amount to noise made in coughing or vomiting " professional car hand joins the Chinese tip rank of tensile contest together " annulus tower " cross-country pulling force surpasses the car times feeling is excited, as a sky alarm will compare a style certainly, game gives drive.

It is reported, drive the Yao Yong of wild racing bicycle of 137 blessing Tian Yue is this pulling force the car hand of the status of unique a police in contest, at present travel is in boundless Taklimakan desert.

Photography: Liu Hong is unripe


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