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Northwest sky is in charge of bureau communication terminal to hold safe audit m

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To receive northwest sky tubal bureau is opposite safe audit works inside careful, northwest sky was in charge of bureau communication terminal to held safe audit meeting the 3rd times on April 13. Controller of controller of group of main leader, each project and each work group entered terminal the conference. The conference communicated spirit of conference of work of audit of safety of bureau of empty on April 11 canal, summed up the progress circumstance that audit of safety of the phase on terminal works, research analysed the problem of existence. The conference provides the pilot experience of station safety audit through drawing lessons from Shenzhen boat, work of safe to leaving stage audit had detailed deploy and arrangement, it is the operation manual of the equipment of communication navigation radar that specific requirement records branch of control of log of audit of good terminal safety, work out to use, good to do the catalog of program of guideline of record of program of collection of post duty, system, work, job, operation, lash-up all directions such as detailed list the face works.

On the meeting, station Chang'an the people's livelihood is aimed at bureau of northwest sky canal to terminal inside careful made important speech, he points out: It is to should use safety to teach a variety of forms such as day, publicize safe audit work deep extensively, ensure every worker must understand the content of safe audit clearly; 2 be inside the achievement of the careful outside the influence of stand or fall of careful, each unit and cadre worker should have the collective and honorary feeling that argues the merit that achieve beautiful; 3 it is each unit take safe audit duty factor seriously relatively, the preparative work of early days is done very well, in hoping everybody is leaving the job of level, make persistent efforts, it is the careful outside receiving to had laid solid foundation.


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